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Legal Expertise With You in Mind - BD Law

Trust & Business Counselors

Legal Expertise with You in Mind - Barulich Dugoni Law Group is different from other law firms. We believe that our clients are best served by avoiding rather than winning issues.
Trust & Business Counselors - BD Law

Trust & Business Counselors

Legal Expertise with You in Mind - Barulich Dugoni Law Group is different from other law firms. We believe that our clients are best served by avoiding rather than winning issues.
Barulich Dugoni Law Group Office
Barulich Dugoni Law Group Office

Estate Tax Updates – News and Views

Our new webpage includes analyses of the Republican Party and Administration platforms and agendas, together with our best strategies and recommendations. We plan to post regular updates as new legislation is introduced in Congress. So, please plan to visit our webpage often for the latest news and information.

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For more information about specific area, please contact main office 650.292.2900


Paul J. Barulich, Shareholder and Managing Director
Direct Line: (650) 292-2902 - Direct Email

Laurence P. Dugoni, Shareholder and Director
Direct Line: (650) 292-2903 - Direct Email

Arthur H. Bredenbeck, Director
Direct Line: (650) 645-1611 - Direct Email

Mary E. Pryce, Principal
Direct Line: (650) 292-2900 - Direct Email 

Jamay Lee, Principal
Direct Line: (650) 645-1629 - Direct Email

Catherine E. Koss, Senior Counsel
Direct Line: (650) 645-1618 - Direct Email

Alexandra M. Banis, Senior Associate
Direct Line: (650) 645-1646 - Direct Email

Jennifer M. Stier, Senior Associate
Direct Line: (650) 645-1619 - Direct Email

Chelsea J. Suttmann, Senior Associate
Direct Line: (650) 292-2904 - Direct Email

Janelle F. Allen, Associate
Direct Line: (650) 645-1647 - Direct Email

Austin T. Jackson, Associate
Direct Line: (650) 645-1644 - Direct Email

Jennifer P. Seksaria, Associate
Direct Line: (650) 645-1643 - Direct Email

Of Counsel

Laurence M. May, Of Counsel
Direct Line: (650) 375-0535 - Direct Email

Mario B. Muzzi, Of Counsel
Direct Line: (650) 645-1605 - Direct Email

Paralegals/Law Clerks

Nina Demers, Senior Paralegal
Trust Administration
Direct Line: (650) 292-2905 - Direct Email

Rita Arnold, Paralegal
Estate Planning
Direct Line: (650) 292-2907 - Direct Email

Christie Ortega, Paralegal
Estate Planning
Direct Line: (650) 645-1607 - Direct Email

Andrew Parker, Paralegal
Estate Litigation
Direct Line: (650) 292-2915 - Direct Email

Business Management

Steve Parker, Executive Director
Direct Line: (650) 645-1610 - Direct Email